Laser depilation

At present, when wanting to talk about the ND-YAG laser technology, it implies describing a technology: Candela’s technology, its mechanism of action acts, penetrating the hair follicle with light energy, protecting the surrounding skin; It combines combined technologies to remove all types of hair colors, effectively and gently on all skin tones. The ND-YAG photo-hair removal lasers have Candela DCD’s exclusive Dynamic cooling system integrated for optimal skin cooling and for greater patient comfort, providing more effective and much faster laser hair removal treatments than through others. systems.

As is normal, many questions may arise about new technologies:

Is the laser carcinogenic?

No. The wavelengths of lasers, which are used in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, correspond to visible and infrared light, so they are not carcinogenic.

Is it final?

Yes, after taking the corresponding sessions for each area. It is necessary to do one or two maintenance sessions per year, this happens because there are some follicles that remain at rest for 4 to 6 years.

Why are multiple sessions needed?

In humans, hair grows in cycles, but not all hairs have the cycle in the same growth stage, they are not synchronized: at any given moment there is a certain amount of hair that is growing or anagen (this is sensitive hair to laser), there is a certain amount of hair that stopped its growth and begins its involution or catagen, there is a certain amount of hair that is about to fall out or in telogen and there are follicles that do not have visible hair but that are at rest, there for many years. And this depends on the area of the body and the hormonal influence in that area.

In each session, the laser destroys only the hairs that are growing, so it is essential to do several sessions at regular intervals to be able to reach all the hairs, when they begin to grow and that is why it is necessary to do a maintenance of 1 or 2 sessions annually, once the treatment to reach those hairs that have been resting for years.

How should I come for the first laser session?

To depilate with laser you must come with shaved hair, the day before or after:
• 2 to 3 weeks after waxing.
• 4 days of depilation with depilatory creams.
• 1 day of shaving with a razor.
• 15 days of sunbathing (under previous assessment.

When will the laser-removed hair fall out?

The hair whose papilla suffered the thermal effect of the laser will fall out after 15-20 days. Meanwhile, How do I handle growing hair?

Between treatments, the hair that grows must be shaved. Never again should you use plucking methods (with wax or tweezers), as it stimulates growth, this advice is especially important for people who have very thick hair or who have endocrinological problems.

What skincare should I do after laser treatment?

Use sunscreen for 7 to 15 days. Avoid going to the beach for the first five days after each treatment.

On the skin there are pinpoint crusts the size of the follicle that will fall off after two days. No chemical (peeling) or mechanical (body polishing) peels should be performed for 3 or 4 days. The first day avoid applying cosmetic creams or deodorants.

Can everyone have laser hair removal?

The patient must attend a medical consultation that will determine if he has any disease that prevents the performance of the treatment or if he takes any medication that is incompatible with the laser treatment.

Before the treatment, do not use cosmetics the night before the treatment, nor that same day. After application: increase the use of moisturizing cosmetics, especially during the first 3 days.

Reduce sun exposures

The sun’s rays intervene in the dehydration process of our skin. Before application: at least 24 hours before application, try not to expose yourself to intense solar radiation..


Depending on the skin type and the care and lifestyle of the patient, these results may be more or less spectacular. The important thing is that the laser treatment provides results from the first session.

Another effect that is usually immediate is the increase in the luminosity of the skin, giving a vital and younger image while unifying the tone and making it smoother.

In general, the results that we can expect are the following:
• Visible isolation of wrinkles and small folds.
• Uniform tone.
• Improvement of the porosity of the skin..
• Most vital aspect.
• Improved elasticity of the skin, providing a younger and firmer appearance. It is a safe and effective technology, with which our patients will obtain what they require.

Do you need more information?

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