Control and prevention of moles and freckles

In the consultation we perform an exhaustive physical examination, which together with dermoscopy and photographic control, are very useful tools in the detection of lesions that could be malignant.
We also give the patient useful advice so that he himself can correctly control his moles. These are simple measures to carry out but they can prevent and help detect a lesion that must be removed in time.

A correct and early diagnosis is essential as it improves the prognosis..


Melanoma is, unfortunately, the skin cancer that causes the most deaths. The number of cases is increasing in recent years. The good news is that detected early, it is removed and usually has a good prognosis. If it is not detected and treated in time, it deepens and can metastasize, making the prognosis much worse.
This is why we place so much emphasis on early detection of injuries. We do an exhaustive examination of the moles, with photographic control if required, and instruct the patient about which injuries to alert.
To diagnose melanoma, it is necessary to remove it, analyze it and inform us about the depth and other characteristics. According to these, an extension of the previous excision is carried out and the pertinent control tests are requested.

Skin malignant tumor removal with direct closure

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers and the number of cases has increased in recent years. Its therapeutic approach is often surgical but there are also alternatives to surgery.
If it is necessary to extrude the cutaneous tumor, we can do it in the consultation itself. Generally, they are simple interventions with local anesthesia. You will need to give stitches, which will be removed in 1-2 weeks.
We explain to the patient how the small intervention is going to be so that they are calm and we will give them the care instructions for the cures at home. We will give you facilities to contact us in case of any problem or question that may arise after the surgery.

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