Genital warts

These lesions are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are benign since they are caused by low oncogenic risk HPV viruses.

It is a sexually transmitted disease and can appear in both men and women. Its appearance usually causes restlessness in the patient and on many occasions it can affect the relationship. We are especially interested in correctly explaining the pathology to the patient, reassuring him and planning the appropriate treatment.

There are multiple treatment options (cryotherapy, electrocoagulation, topical …)

The choice will depend on the number, location and size of the lesions, on the availability and preferences of the patient.

Skin papillomas

Lesion produced by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and that we dermatologists also call the common wart. There is confusion because the term “wart” is popularly used to refer to lesions that appear on the skin that are not actually warts or papillomas produced by this virus.

It is transmitted by direct contact with the skin, never through the bloodstream. They can resolve themselves but since they generate discomfort and concern in the patient and can spread or become contagious, we usually treat them.

There are different options (cryotherapy, topical treatments, electrocoagulation, laser …). The choice will depend on the number, location and size of the lesions, on the availability and preferences of the patient.

Electrocoagulation or cryotherapy warts

There are several ways to treat warts. The choice of one method or another will depend on the number, size and location of the lesions and the preferences of the patient

Two of the most widely used treatment methods are electrocoagulation and cryotherapy. Electrocoagulation is performed under local anesthesia. After shaving the lesion, the base is coagulated with the electric scalpel. It is a fast, simple method that usually leaves a good aesthetic result

Cryotherapy consists of cryogenization of the lesion with liquid nitrogen. Local anesthesia is not used, it is usually well tolerated, and it is quick and easy.

We give the patient in writing how to perform the cures at home.

Molluscum contagiosum surgery

Molluscum contagiosum is a lesion caused by Poxvirus. It is very common in children but can also appear in adults. It is spread by direct skin contact with the virus that produces it. In children they can appear on the trunk, limbs and even on the face. In adults it is usually transmitted with sexual contagion, and it generally appears in the pubis, inner thighs or buttocks.

To eliminate the lesions, the fastest and most practical way is to perform a curettage. It is a simple procedure that is carried out in the consultation itself. In children we usually put anesthetic cream beforehand to minimize discomfort. Elimination by this method is efficient, fast and convenient.

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